General Information

April 2-6, 2014
Tokyo International Forum
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Organizing Societies

Japanese Ophthalmological Society (JOS)
Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO)
International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)

Organizing Committee

WOC2014 Congress President
Tetsuro Oshika, M.D.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
APAO2014 Congress President
Makoto Araie, M.D.
Director, Kanto Central Hospital
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
International Council of Ophthalmology Officers
Bruce E. Spivey, MD, MS, MEd
Akef El-Maghraby, MD
Vice President
Jean-Jacques De Laey, MD
Vice President
Hugh R. Taylor, AC, MD
William Felch
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
International Council of Ophthalmology WOC Committee Chairs
Peter Wiedemann, MD
Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Frank Martin, MD
Chair, Industry Liaison Committee

Local Organizing Committees

Overall Planning Committee
Masaru Inatani, MD
Mineo Kondo, MD
Tadahiko Kozawa, MD
Naoyuki Maeda, MD
Yuichiro Ogura, MD
Annabelle Ayame Okada, MD
Shigeto Shimmura, MD
Koh-Hei Sonoda, MD
Yuichiro Ogura, MD
JOS Scientific Program Committee Head
Hidetoshi Yamashita, MD
Finance Committee Head
Takeshi Yoshitomi, MD
Publicity Committee Head
Fumio Shiraga, MD
Exhibition Committee Head
Yuichi Ohashi, MD
Social Activities Head